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    INNOVATUBE is a venture firm investing in early stage startups across the Southeast Asia with a focus in Vietnam. We invest in startup at this stage and support them with our experience and network so that they can find right product for the market. In Vietnam, we also have a product development lab which offers product development services to startup all over the world.

    We’re in need of 01 FULL-TIME Marketing associate for Hanoi office.

    1/ In General

    Marketing executive will be managing external communications & branding for company. This digital-savvy employee is responsible for communications, social media, events, and content creations. He/she will report directly to Manager.

    2/ Responsibilities

    · Content creation – writing blog posts, articles, newsletters, communications materials, and material for social media channels

    · Social media marketing – creating, managing and growing the company’s presence through blogs, Facebook.

    · Events and event planning – planning startup events to the local community & attending industry events.

    · External relations development – develop & set partnership with external partners, supporting for company's presence growth.

    · Communications/marketing strategy support – be responsible for supporting Manager in strategic marketing/communications directions & plans for the company.

    · Supervise and manage part-time interns of 3 people

    3/ Requirements

    · At least 2 year experience in marketing and/or PR and/or event management.

    · Startup passionate - you love working with startups. Having a network with startup ecosystem is a plus.

    · Outgoing personality – you can walk into networking events and be comfortable talking to strangers

    · Multi-task skill - this job requires a person with strong multi -task skill

    · Social media experience – experience with popular social media tools (Wordpress & Facebook) is a must

    · Fluent in English writing & speaking.

    · Design skill is a plus.

    4/ Benefits

    · Salary: GROSS 9 million VND to 12 million VND/month

    · Working in a fast-growing environment

    · International working environment with different background & nationality members

    How to apply?

    · Application including CV and cover letter in English to chaerin.nguyen@innovatube.com

    · Contact: Ms. Phuc Nguyen (Chaerin) at +84 01675 419 091

    · Please be noted that only interested candidates shall be contacted.

    · Deadline: 15 March 2017
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