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    [Urgent- Community manager for an upcoming E-Commerce platform]

    We are looking for community manager of an ecommerce platform in stealth mode. The manager will be in charge of:
    - Write 1-2 blog posts per day on health, food, and lifestyle

    - Manage a Facebook Fan Page on the same topic (The Fan Page is linked to the blog)

    - Promote the Facebook Fan Page through forums/Facebook Groups content seeding and Facebook ads

    - Manage an Instagram account on the same topic (health, food, and lifestyle)

    - Experienced with managing Facebook Fan Page (plan, schedule posts, monitor posts results, and improve campaigns accordingly)

    - Experienced with Facebook Ads

    - Able to research and write fluently in Vietnamese

    - Interested in food, health, lifestyle topics

    - Have an eye for design (able to select catchy photos and work with designers and coders on the blog UI)

    - Understand Vietnamese audience’ mentality well

    - Both part-time and full-time positions are available depending on individual preferences

    - Work is flexible – the manager can choose to work at office or anywhere, as long as tasks are completed. Office is located on high floor, in CBD, with view of Saigon River

    - Compensations are negotiable, depending on level of contribution

    Please send your CV to huongtdn@alumni.stanford.edu
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