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    Công ty Orient Software hiện đang mở cửa chào đón rất nhiều thành viên mới.
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    1. Technical - content Writer:
    - Số lượng: 01
    - Job description:
    The Technical Content Writer will be responsible for producing various marketing and supplemental materials to support our customer’s needs with our products. The writer will work to generate online materials and support resources for customers to access via our website, as well as creating interesting articles, and marketing materials that can be shared with prospective customers. They will work closely with our design and development teams to understand and document processes, and communicate these processes in easy-to-understand user materials.

    · Create user guides for our products and services;
    · Prepare questionnaires to identify common usage problems;
    · Update blog and website content about new company events and products;
    · Promote our products through social media postings;
    · Coordinate with developers and design teams to include graphics and illustrations with online content;
    · Provide documentation support for product development, design, and marketing;
    · Collaborate with internal teams and stakeholders to obtain an in-depth understanding of the product and the documentation requirements for software applications and systems engineering;
    · Perform other related duties as required and assigned.

    · Proven work experience (at least 6 months) as a Content Writer, Technical Writer, Copywriter or similar role;
    · Bachelor’s degree or higher, preferably in computer science, English, or other relevant fields;
    · Background knowledge in technology or computer science (specifically IT) is an advantage;
    · Excellent writing and editing skills in English (IELTS writing band 7.0 or above is preferred);
    · Familiarity with website articles and user’s guides is a big plus;
    · Positive attitude, can-do spirit, attention to details, and passion for writing;
    · Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, to meet deadlines, and to simultaneously tackle and coordinate multiple projects;
    · Previous experience in studying or working abroad will be evaluated as an advantage.
    Salary and benefits:
    · High starting salary with annual salary review based on employee's performance and contributions;
    · Good benefit package (includes lunch allowance, breakfast, sick leave, maternity benefits, health care services, etc.);
    · Clearly-defined career path to direct employee's effort and to award employee's loyalty;
    · Continuous development of technical and soft skills through on-the-job mentoring and formal training events;
    · Exciting company-sponsored social and leisure activities (such as sport and art clubs, company parties, team building retreats, etc)
    · Modern workplace facilities, with the latest tools and equipment;
    · Diversified culture in an international work environment;
    All other benefits as required by Vietnamese labor legislation.

    2. Marketing Trainee:
    - Số lượng: 01
    - Job description:
    - Assist in the creation of brochures, mock-ups, email campaigns, and social media content;
    - Seek and analyze competitor marketing material and digital content;
    - Create and maintain tracking reports of digital and traditional marketing efforts;
    - Develop new social media campaigns, considering current and planned promotional activities;
    - Monitor social channels and respond to feedback, questions, and concerns;
    - Assist in planning and hosting marketing events;
    - Assist in re-decorating company’s meeting rooms according to current events;
    - Support the marketing team;
    - Provide administrative support to Management Team when required.

    Job requirements
    - Strong desire to learn along with professional drive;
    - Solid understanding of different marketing techniques;
    - Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both English and Vietnamese;
    - Familiarity with marketing computer software and online applications (e.g. CRM tools, Online analytics and Google Adwords);
    - Passion for the marketing industry;
    - Last-year student of the majors: Marketing, Business Administration or related majors (or maximum 1 year experience in related position);
    - Internship duration: 3 months;
    - Working hour: Mon – Fri: 40 hours/ week, flexible working hour.

    Benefits and allowances
    - GOOD Internship Allowances: Stable allowance/month + Meal all day + Parties + Parking fee + Free Coffee;
    - GREAT Working Experience: Live 40 hours/week in a flexible but strictly professional environment of a company has association of many countries such as Vietnam, Germany, Norway, Singapore;
    - PRECIOUS relationship: Take part in our culture, feel the friendliness and work with expert marketing mentor;
    - GREAT START for your career: Opportunity to be a member in Orient family after training. Join us and work with international clients: US, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, etc.
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